The war on rugs. HEX to HEX2T to AXION to RUGPULL!

Let’s make this short and sweet. No one reading this is ever going to purchase a shitcoin for $0.0004 and make millions like its 2017. In almost every case, including DeFi, if you buy the rumor and sell the news you might make off with some gas money.

Do a little research into HEX coin, a scam coin marketed to be the next big thing until a few heroes decided that the smart contract benefitted the creator of the token more than its holders. This catalyzed the creation of another shitcoin to take it’s place, HEX2T, with the promise of more benefits to the holders.

Somewhere in between, there was a rebranding, an enormous marketing campaign, Forbes articles, you name it. HEX2T also allowed a 1:1 conversion of HEX, whereas previously it would only be a fraction. HEX2T, now Axion was supposed to be ‘the one’, promising its stakeholders transparency, heavy auditing and enormous profit.

After numerous audits “passed” and Axion went to mainnet early this morning, guess what?


There was an alleged ‘minting’ exploit in the smart contract (after several audits by “top” auditors) where the liquidity was stolen and converted to ETH. Or, you can refer to Axion twitter, who at this time doesn’t acknowledge the exploit as of writing this article, and suggests clearing your cache. Axion has also LOCKED their discord channel for commenting.

INSIDE JOB, SHITCOIN, Can’t wait for the next one!

Here’s the dev contract (previous balance ~25 million- LOL):



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